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Shown above: Famen Temple, housing the finger of Buddha

Welcome to my Webgate! I've named it "CT's Webgate" for 'curious traveller', but there might be other clever reasons too. One of my favorite science fiction stories is Stargate(shows and movies), in which humanity reaches other planets and socities not through an enterprising (get it?) spacecraft crew, but through a wormhole device. The first three seasons are well worth watching and should be appreciated by any fans of TOS.

That aside, take this little document as a "stargate" of sorts: a portal into a few 'planets' of interest. Maybe I will save you the time of finding them yourself. For viewers who come here from that unfathomable thing called the future, try using the 'web archive' to remedy your dead links.

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Link set: SF novel/movie sites:
SFF World
SciFi Review
Star Destroyer
Starship Combat News
Split/Image Online Mag
Dying Earth
Link set: Science and SciFi general
Project Rho
Michio Kaku
Dougal Dixon
The String Theory Site
High Frontier [Game]
It Came from the Pond
Link set: Tabletop Games
MDH's Uidaho page
Story Games (France?)
The Free RPG Compendium
Intelligent Gamer
Jewel Hunters
Inception RPG
Brik Wargames
Warriors Cats Games
The Great RPG Swindle
Pax Britannic
PBEM Players
Black panthers
BOW Project
Goblinoid Games
Box Ninja!
Al's 'waste of time'

Beware! Big sets ahead! I've accumulated these for years.

Many of the 'single model' links overlap the mecha category. I left off [M]

Paper Box-world
Keith Allen Designs
VA Paper Toys
AG Paper Toy
Paper Replika
Link set: Paper Modeling:
Paper Toy Adventures
Post-Orbital Design
Desktop Gremlins
Canon Creative Park
My Little House
Action Papercrafts
Marshall Alexander
Toxic Paper Factory
Paper Foldables
Paper Poseables
Tubby Paws
Chemical 9
Jim Bowen
Oh Sheet

Link Set: Paper Wargaming
Albion Rising's Game Minis
The Great RPG Swindle: Flats
Arion Figures(still online)
TFT Figures
One Monk Figures
Paper Make-it
Dave's Games
Cardboard Warriors
Armored Grid
WorldWorks - Store
Sanity Studios
Epic Wargaming
Fantasy Cutouts
FlipIt Paper Combat
Paper Wargames
Eddnic's Miniatures
Space Crusades Print-outs
/\ Warning! Malware @ original site
Fields of War

Link Set: Single Paper Models
Tomato-class Mecha
Zandacross Model
Steam Mecha
Destructor H25
Zealot Guard
Gundam F90
Blaar's Classic BT
MB-S6 Heavy Assault
Axioo Unit

End of Paper model section (and warning)

Link set: Mech(a):
Mecha & Anime HQ
Gears Online
Solaris 7
Schaft Enterprises
The Memory Matrix
Ultimate Mark: Gundam
Macross RPG Community
Macross Mecha manual
SRW Eternity
TechnoWorld gallery
Giant Robot fanlist
Junk Guild
Gates of Magus
Mecha Damashii
Dyar Straits:High Frontier
The Eyrie, RGM stuff
Final Vegeta
John Bear - CAVS
AJ Froggie[BT], sci
Link set: Mecha, Archived:
Inner Sphere News
System 17
"The 4th Robotech War"
The Worldwide Gundam Informational Network
Macross 7 Stats
Gundam Explanation II

Link set: Historical Modeling
US Warships [jp]
Combrig Models
Steel Navy