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.:.Streamlined RPG.:.


Streamlined RPG was written in the Fall or Winter of 2012/2013 by  Max Irikura.
The rules are presented here, in html format, in full.

(I have seen that the formatting is off, I'll fix that soon.)

Last edited 3/29/15

The game is rules-light, 'modern-style' fantasy, suitable for a group of new players, but
possibly entertaining for an older bunch as well. On my own, I quite like them, but your
opinion of them is your own to decide. Without further ado, here they are:





+1 dex at 1st lvl, +2 at 10 and +3 at the 15th lvl.

Weapon Proficiencies

Longbow, Shortbow, Crossbow, Handcrossbow.

Armor Proficiencies

Cloth, Leather.


Single Double Arcane

1W dmg + dex         2W dmg 1W dmg

W range ½W range W range

Dex vs. MC Dex vs. MC vs. AC


Forester Snipe

You gain +1 spd If you are unseen and attacking

In difficult terrain. with a ranged weapon, you do 

extra damage according to the chart. 

Lvl 1  2 

Lvl 9  4 

Lvl 15  6 



+1 int at 1st lvl, +2 int at 10 and +3 int at the 15th level.

Weapon Proficiencies

Staff, Wand.               *see note*


Wizards cannot use weapons like other classes. Instead, they must use the their 

weapons in order to channel their magic. They cannot cast any spells without a 

staff or wand.

Armor Proficiencies



Magic Missile Flame Burst Ice Bolt

1d8 dmg + int 1d6 dmg + int 1d6 dmg + int

range 15 range 10 range 10

Int vs. AC burst 3 Int vs. AC 

Int vs. AC If it hits, reduce 

enemy’s move by half

At the 9th  level, increase the damage die 1 size and 2 at lvl 15th.


Mage Elementalist

You gain a +1 bonus You gain a +1 AC

all things Arcane, such against any elemental attacks

as skill checks.                   such as Ice Bolt. 



+1 str at 1st lvl, +2 at 10 and +3 at the 15th lvl.

Weapon Proficiencies

All melee weapons

Armor Proficiencies

Cloth, Leather, Chain, Plate, Shields


Smash Cleave Charge

1W dmg + str + 1d4         1W dmg + str 1W dmg + str 

Str vs. MC Str vs. MC Str vs. AC

Deal str dmg Move 2 spaces 

to an adjacent before you attack 



Pull Through It 

You gain +1 MC

and AC in addition to 

any other bonuses. 



+1 con at 1st lvl, +2 at 10 and +3 at the 15th lvl.

Weapon Proficiencies

Longsword, War hammer, Two-handed sword

Armor Proficiencies

Cloth, Leather, Chain, Plate, Shields


Lay on Hands Smite Holy Wrath

Heal 1d6 dmg          1W dmg + con 2W dmg + con

from you Con vs. AC against undead 

or an ally enemies. Against non-undead 

At the 9th level, enemies, it does

heal 1d8 and 1W dmg

1d10 at the 15th Con vs. MC



Righteous Fury 

You gain extra con

and spd when

fighting undead

creatures, according

to the chart below.

Lvl 1  3 

Lvl 9  4 

Lvl 15  5 



+1 cha at 1st lvl, +2 at 10 and +3 at the 15th lvl.

Weapon Proficiencies

Mace, War hammer.

Armor Proficiencies

Cloth, Leather, Chain


Healing Strike Heal Turn Undead

1W dmg        Heals damage 2W dmg + cha

Heals 1d4 + cha according to the range 10

from you or an chart below from you burst 3

ally or an ally Only harms undead

Cha vs. MC creatures

Lvl 1  1d8 + cha 

Lvl 9  1d10 + cha 

Lvl 15  1d12 + cha 


Holy Protection Wrath

You gain +2 AC Against undead creatures,

in addition to you                your base health increases 

normal AC.                         according to the chart below.

Lvl 1  5 health 

Lvl 9  10 health 

Lvl 15  15 health 



+1 dex at 1st lvl, +2 at 10 and +3 at the 15th lvl.

Weapon Proficiencies

Dagger, Shortsword

Armor Proficiencies

Cloth, Leather.


Sneak Backstab Stab and Dash

Roll a d20. 4W dmg + dex 1W dmg + dex

On a 15+, you Dex vs. MC Dex vs. MC

turn invisible until Only works if you You may move

an enemy spots are invisible 3 squares after

you you attack


Used to Running Artful Thief 

For each dex You gain an bonus to all thieving

point, increase according to the chart below.

your speed by 1. 

Lvl 1  +2 

Lvl 9  +4 

Lvl 15  +6 



Elves are a secretive race, more often then not staying in their secluded beautiful 

kingdoms, which few other races have seen. They are generally peaceful, but 

once angered an unstoppable force of nature. They bitterly hate their dark kin, 

the Drow.


+1 dex.

+3 dex vs. Dark Elves.

Best Classes

Rogue, Ranger.


Humans are the most populous of races, spread throughout almost all parts of 

the continent. A major factor of their widespread success is their ability to adapt 

to almost any climate or habitat.


+1 to any 2 stats.

Best Classes

Humans can excel at anything they put their minds to, allowing them to become 

any class they want to.


Halflings are a short race. They are stubborn and friendly, often endearing 

themselves to other races through their character. They are know as notoriously 

good thieves so often they are mistrusted despite their beguiling charm.


+1 dex, +1 cha.

Best Classes

Rogue, Cleric.


Dwarves are a short and extremely stubborn, sometimes to a fault. They enjoy 

drinking and excessive eating. They are extremely strong and tough, and often 

charming when they aren’t drunk. They are fervently religious, never question the 

dogma, often making good Paladins.


+1 str, +1 con.

Best Classes

Paladin, Warrior.

Dark Elf

Dark Elves and Elves were once the same, but the decadence and bitter hatred 

drove a difference between them. A civil war ensued, with the Elves having the 

upper hand in the end. The Dark Elves were driven out of their homeland, and 

left to the shadow land of Nagarethe, brewing their bitter hatred over time. They 

wish nothing more than revenge against their kin. They are generally frowned 

down upon by all races, being viewed as evil.


+1 dex

+3 str vs. Elves

Best Classes

Rogue, Ranger, Warrior.




The patron goddes of the Dark Elves, Sakrhine represents their hatred and 

bitterness toward the Elves. Though mostly worshiped by the Dark Elves, some 

Evil people may chose to worship Sakrhine who have deep hatred and wish to 

get vengence.


Choron is the god of chaos and destruction, utterly insane and wishing nothing 

more than to kill and wreak destruction. Choron is often worshipped by primitive 

cultures and berserkers, though some Chaotic Evil characters may choose to 

worship him.


The god of greed, he is often worshipped secretly evil characters. Out of all the 

gods of Evil, he is the least terrible, but his influence and the extent of his power 

is not less then the rest of the Parthenon of Evil deities.



Mahron is the god of death, though not evil. His followers view death not as the 

end of life, just a part of it. Legend tells of one hero who was able to come back 

from death with Mahron’s help, though such bargains are not without their costs.


Kaelon is the goddess of life, twin sister of Mahron, the opposite part of death, 

the two work in unity but of the two, Kaellon is stronger, death just being a part of 




The god of justice and law, he serves to persecute the Evil in the world, to the full 

extent of the law, but never one step farther. His followers are often Lawful Good 

Paladins or Clerics.


Celleon is the patron goddess of the Rogue, supporting the use of ones powers 

to the full extent of Good, even bypassing the law in the name of Good.