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       Space Colors  is a role-playing game designed for easy adventures in a light-scifi setting.

Space colors is a game about rocketing through space on the back of a gleaming starship, watching stars fly by like they never could in 'real life'. Play anything from a mystic alien to a renegade starfighter pilot, and do it with style. The rules are outlined below, and I'll continuously update them on this website.

Characters in Space Colors

Space Colors is a role-playing game. If you don't get what a role-playing game is, watch this video, and you'll understand.

In an rpg, you play as an imaginary character interacting with an imaginary world. The world is narrated and controlled by the Game Master. The rpg 'system' is the set of specific rules governing a character and how he is represented in the numbers.

Character Creation

Ability Scores

Rules in Space Colors are intended to be rather simple, a sci-fi themed alternative to my other rpg, Gods Willing.

Characters start with six ability scores: Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Charisma, Intelligence, and Wisdom.

To generate each score, roll 3d6, rerolling all ones. [repeat six times]. Then assign the six numbers in any order you wish to the six ability scores above. Record these on a sheet of paper. Now record your modifiers. Use the table below to determine them.

Score    Modifier

6        -4

7        -3

8        -2

9        -1

10       +0

11       +1

12       +2

13       +3

14       +4

15       +4

16       +4

17       +4

18       +4

Your starting health point number is equal to your Constitution.