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    Server History
Earliest Beginnings

The server began back around November 2011. The owner and first player, Necro, washed up stranded on a small sandy island, surrounded by ocean. For several days all that lay on that island was a small sand hut. Then came the second player, Narutoship (Now known as Bookmaster). Soon enough, Necro figured out how to op himself, and this heralded the true beginning of the server. A diamond building was constructed on the island, with two rooms (one for each player). 

The First Skytown

Skytown, the first city, was built, starting with Main Street and the Machine District. Several new players joined, including Henkdude, Efngn, and Radiux. Skytown grew into a bustling center, and the small, sandy island was soon packed with buildings. Efngn and Naruto were two of the first players to leave the island in search of new land. Efngn, finding none, constructed a house floating on the water off of the island. Naru, with more luck, found a chain of small, mountainous islands. He quickly established a large settlement in one of these mountains.
Main Street
A view of an intersection in Skytown, which floated far above the bustling lower levels of the island.
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The Valley
Around summer 2012. Tiring of the overpopulated, clustered island, Necro decided to load a new world for the server. Because of his woeful lack of knowledge at the time, the old world was forever lost. It exists now only in the recordings of the player Henkdude. The players spawned in a large jungle, a biome they had never seen before. A railroad was built that lead players out of the jungle and into a picturesque valley, with a river running through it.

Several fantasy-themed buildings lined the river shores, framed on either side by mountains. Past these mountains lay an Elven castle. Newly spawned players were given the option to pick a class and receive certain materials from a chest. This era gave an unmistakable fantasy vibe to the server, one that would persist until today.
Mountain View
The items included in one of the classes, "The Demon". Each 'class' was just a chest labelled with a sign. Players were entrusted not to take from multiple chests.
The Fall of Valley-Town
One day, without warning or explanation, players awoke to find the valley blown to rubble and lava-soaked debris. An unprecedented apocalypse had hit the server; griefing had never before occurred on this scale. The fall of the valley city sent the server into a months-long dark age, where many players left the server. Then, sometime in January 2013, little over a year after the server had begun, a new world was loaded.
Mountain View
Pictured here are the burned remains of our once-beautiful mountain range.
The Flatlands
This new map was unlike its predecessors. For as far as the eye could see, flat, green land stretched. A kilometer out found the bounds of this strange new land: massive, unbreakable walls. This environment was conducive to building in creative-mode, and would eventually yield the greatest period of history the server would ever see. For months, however, the server sat fallow, dotted only by a few decorative portals and a scrapyard.

Eventually, in summer of 2013, the server began to be used again. Necro, Radiux, and a new player, Mugolas, returned to the server. Early buildings included the gladiator arena, where the three users tested their battle strength. The greatest new creation was the Second Skytown. Built in the legacy of the first Skytown, this one was cleaner and larger. Buildings cropped up left and right, forming the bases for a new urban center.

Outlying buildings appeared, attractions like the Ski Resort, Toy Store, the Enchanted Forest, and Greymane Village. Similar to the Valley-Town, players picked a fantasy race (elves, dwarves) and battled with special class kits.

Mugolas had a statue erected in his honor, and soon brought a new friend onto the server, 619man. Both players built skyscrapers that connected to Skytown, increasing the clustered urban atmosphere.

The Second Skytown (image)
Mountain View
The Golden Age

Approximately a year after Mugolas joined the Flatlands, old users from the first Skytown rejoined. Efngn, Narutoship2, Henkdude, and Farm5miami among them. It was summer once more, and the server experienced an incredible hike in activity. The second Skytown grew even more, appearing as it does in the above picture. Henkdude and Ezxyz (called Xyz in this compilation to avoid confusion) established their own factions and built elaborate bases. Efngn, continuing his old reclusive habits, built a house far out, abandoned it, and built a second house even farther out (beyond the unbreakable walls). The Golden Age had begun, with a larger player-base than ever before or after.

The crowning achievement of this age was a massive castle out on the water, far away from the unbreakable walls. Five thick stone walls, towers crowned with jewels, and a massive courtyard inside. Every player on the server helped work on it, but alas, its location has been lost.

The users during this time included:
Necro, Radiux, Mugolas, Efngn, Xyz, Narutoship2, Henkdude, Farm5miami, 619man, (alec kahn), and later wawon0 and Purplecometcraft.

Before the castle could be completed, several users lost interests, and by September, the server lay empty and abandoned. The Golden Age had ended.
Server in Decline

After the Golden Age ended, the server began a serious decline. Rarely anyone ever played on the server anymore. Several weak, desperate attempts to create something new failed. The server changed maps often, but only one or two users regularly played. The future looked grim, and the wonderful community of months past had died and left.

Around summer 2015, a slight increase in activity spurred Necro to attempt to remedy the now crashing, long neglected server. In a small bout of rejuvenation, Sandtown was built and transported to the Flatlands, which had once again become the server map. Movecraft was installed, but the server still remained largely inactive.

Journey into Space

Dreaming of once again hosting epic adventures, battles, and constructions, Necro changed the map to a space-theme and began building starships with Erymanthus, a new user. The server remains in this state with very little activity, and the occassional ship building.

NOTE The server has been online for approximately four years at this point. It is a private, white-listed server where almost every user has admin privileges. Most of the users mentioned on this page no longer play  Minecraft, the server is nearly dead. That said, I personally had some good times here, and this page is used to record those times.
Mountain View
Sandtown at dawn.
Mountain View
A picture of three ships cruising through galactic space. The beautiful background is enabled through Optifine. The three ship names are, from left to right, top to bottom, Tugboat, S.S. Outcast, and Striker.