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Space Battles

This is a special game for my Minecraft server.

First, players split into two teams. Over a given amount of time, they are allowed to build two opposing starships, outfitting them with TNT cannons, slime missiles, fire charge guns, fighter jets, and mobile armor units. These starships are not required to be mobile, but building a hangar for smaller, mobile units is a good idea.


How will the ships / units move?

We have installed a plugin called movecraft. Simply place a labeled sign on your vessel and it can move through space at your command. However, movecraft vessels must be 60% wool, and cannot carry the majority of blocks, including flowing water. Thus it makes more sense for each team's mothership to be immobile (no movecraft), with smaller mobile (movecraft) units.

How do we know who is on which team?

Usernames and their associated teams will be posted on this webpage after they are decided. In addition, the date of the battle will also be posted here.


Ship Layout


A warship should always start with a bridge, where the captain can control most of the ship's functions. Since my server has a low player count, your warship may only be crewed by three to five people. You will want the ability to send everybody out on EVA assault against the enemy, leaving just one person, the captain, to control the mothership. This makes the bridge important as a place to route all the control systems to, so that that one person can maximize their efficiency. Aside from the bridge, a main corridor might be useful, so crewmen can quickly access all rooms on board.

Cannon Deck

This level of the ship is where you might want to station the TNT cannons and slime missiles. TNT cannons can fire dozens of times in one battle, and as such are extremely useful. Slime missiles are slower, fire only once, but can carry larger amounts of TNT. In addition, they can carry soldiers to enter the enemy ship once it's hull is breached.

Prison / Brig

In Minecraft, players have the power to constantly respawn, meaning that while you may be able to wear down the enemy's machines, you will be hard pressed to wear down their manpower. A killed player will quickly be back on his feet in his home base. In five minutes he may be back to harass you just as he was before. To prevent this, you might want to include a prison room to trap and capture players rather than kill them. This will ensure that the player will be out of commission for longer than if you had killed him.

Hangar Bay

Because a mothership may include too many immovable components to be able to comply with movecraft, it may be necessary to include a hangar bay. A hangar needs only to be a large space with easy access to the exterior. What's more important is what you store within the hangar. It could be shuttles, aerospace fighters, bombers, repair drones, or even mecha in the vein of Gundam and Macross


After the first battle, a recording will be posted here to demostrate what exactly this game entails.

Before then, here is a sampling of helpful videos!

I heavily recommend the last video. It was the first efficient cannon that I learned how to build, and it will be an essential part of any warship. Even now I use a pressure plate manual version of this cannon on raiding servers. The only difference is that this cannon is more resource intensive and can be remotely triggered.