The Mech Bay
The Mech Bay

A webpage for the 'mechs that I build in Minecraft. Some are designs from mecha entertainment like Battletech, Gundam, Evangelion, Rifts and Warhammer 40,000. Others are custom designs that I thought up. I try to build the 'mechs to the proper dimensions. They are never smaller than their intended designs, but some of them are up to three times larger.

They are intended to preserve the iconic detail of each 'mech, as well as serve a practical role in Minecraft combat. That's right: these 'mechs are functional in combat. Most of them are equipped with a range of firecharge cannons, a few with command block lasers, and one or two with tnt cannons.

On my private Minecraft server I host 'mech battles where players pilot these designs against each other. We use the plugin MoveCraft to animate them / move them around.

For more information on this server, see "Minecraft Space Battles" at this LINK
Name: Dominion TAP Suit
Type: Mecha
Series: Pocket Tactics
Height: 16 m
Comments: -
Name: Ideon
Type: Mecha
Series: Space Runaway Ideon
Height: 100 m
Comments: The largest mecha I have ever built. Rough frame was erected with worldedit. No operational weaponry as of yet.
Name: The Hammerhead
Type: Starship
Length: Unknown, estimated ~150 m
Comments: The picture was taken when the ship was unfinished, but the final appearance is roughly the same.

Name: Warlord Titan
Type: Mecha
Series: Warhammer 40k
Height: ~50 m
Comments: Built entirely by hand and has a combat version (working weapons). Second largest mecha.
Name: Ares
Type: Mecha
(Inspired by 40k titans)
Height: 50 m
Comments: Designed in my history notebook in 6th grade, I've now built it years later. Photo is profile view.
The Mecha
More builds to be uploaded soon