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A lot of Mecha sci-fi gets produced by Japan, so Anime is usually the first place to look for good series. Furthermore, most Western Mecha is based off of Robotech and Battletech, both of which are American adaptations of Japanese mecha concepts.

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Gundam 00
Released in 2007
First Season - 26 episodes
00 is a really sleek, polished show. The animation is smooth, the action is good, and it is rather enjoyable. The mecha designs are good, but unoriginal compared to contemporary designs. The Gundam cockpits are very cool, however. If you're the kind of person who likes TRON and thinks underglow looks good on cars, you will like these designs. All in all, it's a good space-themed show and it may or may not suit your taste.
I rate this 6/10, only because better shows exist for the same niche.

Neon Genesis Evangelion
Released in 1995
26 episodes                      

NGE is one of the most popular mecha shows around. Fans claim that it's "deep" and a "reflective deconstruction". I can appreciate what they were trying to do with the series, but I just don't buy into the philosophical nonsense that gets tossed around. (Just take a look at the Rebuild series, and I'm sure you'll see what I mean). Putting that aside, the mech designs are very cool (and unique), the battle scenes are well done, and the cockpits are also cool. Sometimes I wonder if Keurig coffee machines ripped off NGE. The loading sequence is strikingly similar.
I give this show an 8/10. It is a good show, but I didn't enjoy the strange subtextual scenes at the end.

Mountain View
Mountain View
Mobile Suit Gundam
Released 1979
43 episodes                         

Mobile Suit Gundam, often referred to as 0079, is an absolute classic. It is seriously one of the most impressive mecha shows I have ever seen. The action, pacing, and intensity are masterful, and I'm sure that this first show played a big role in propelling the Gundam franchise into the mainstream. The show only fails at one point - the animation and budget, which was quite poor at some points. It should be noticeable if you pause the show while Gundam is moving, but otherwise fine.
I love this show, 10/10.
SDF Macross
Released 1982
36 episodes                        

Macross was a thoroughly enjoyable show. Attractive mecha designs, fast-paced battle scenes, and some very high points in the animation department. The story is nice and simple, but it becomes very interesting later into the series. I was initially a bit upset that they decided to put corny romance into the series, but the show more than made up for it. Both SDF and Macross have their own franchises, so if you're more interested in looking at the mecha designs, check out the Super Dimension shows - Orguss and Southern Cross. If you're interested in the story continuity, try Macross 7, Frontier, and Plus.
9/10 for another great classic
Mountain View
Mountain View
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Armored Trooper VOTOMS
Released 1983
52 episodes                            

VOTOMS has become a classic over the many years since it aired. Unlike some of the other series on this page, VOTOMS has had recent additions to its series. The story is great, the action is intense and well done, and the mecha design is incredible! I would highly, highly recommend this series as a high point in the 'Real Robot' or 'military' genre. The end is controversial, but if you're a fan of DUNE or '2001', I think you'll enjoy it.
10/10 for one of my absolute favorite cartoons.

Mountain View
Mountain View
Combat Mecha Xabungle
Released 1982
50 episodes                            

Xabungle is one of those lesser-known comedy mecha (weird, I know!) anime from the 80s. It's got a fun story, and it's notable for being the first real space western show. (The genre now holds such venerable titles as Firefly) It's 50 episodes long, so only watch it if you know that you want a comedic Gundam alternative (which is essentially what this is.)
7/10 for a solid space western adventure.

Mountain View
Legendary Giant God Ideon
Released 1980
39 episodes                            

Ideon was Tomino's next project after Gundam. He returned to the super robot genre, but in many ways you can see the mark of Gundam on this production. It's a nice ride, the animation is smooth and pretty, and some of the vivid backdrops are also appealing. Ideon is a great, fairly standard mecha show until you see the follow up movie, which has a horrifying death count. (I am still refraining from seeing it) Also note that Ideon itself is a very very cool mecha, hence why I have my minecraft version on this page.
8/10 for a thoroughly enjoyable space opera.

Mountain View
Gunbuster / Diebuster
Released 1988/2004
12 episodes                             

Together, Gunbuster and Diebuster make up a small twelve episodes. Is it worth it? Yes. But the small size means that it will never really be one of the giants in the genre. It's fun, it's sad (almost to the point of being a detestable tear-jerker), and though short, it deals with big ideas. Time dilation, planet-sized creatures, and travelling ten thousand years into the future.
8/10 for a short yet fun and emotional ride.

The Big O
Released 1999
26 episodes                             

Big O is fantastic in so many ways. It's got the techno-noir theme that every sane person adores. It's got the absolute perfect atmosphere, and the series lovingly cultivates this. Watching Big O is a pleasure in so many ways, not to mention the per-episode fight scenes that are also quite well done.
10/10 for a great noir show.