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Homebrew Rules

This page is for all of the Homebrew Rule Systems written by
members of Black Dawn.
Downloads will be up soon, for anyone who wants them.

Role Playing Games:

Fantasy Plains

'Fantasy Plains' is the temporary name for a game that I am redeveloping.
It was originally 'Fantasycraft' in 2011, based off of the Minecraft
video game. While originally Minecraft themed, I moved it into a more
and more fantasy themed setting, eventually cutting ties with the
earlier theming.

Wheel of Time 4e RPG
The Wheel of Time 4e Rules, dubbed "Third Age RPG", comes in
two parts. The first is a poorly-written add-on by me. The second
is a full replacement system, written by Max.

The two can be played in conjuction, and rules will be up soon.

Old Rules (by me, [warning: extremely cringey amateur stuff here])
Replacement System

D12 - 3D6 RPG
This ruleset is written for the 'Game of Thrones' fluff, but can be used
any other fantasy settting. It is heavily combat-focused, and is rather
incomplete. In addition, some Combat Reaction rule supplements
were written by Max for this. 
The combat reaction rules are here.
I haven't yet uploaded the core rules, but I guarantee you they're barely
worth reading. (Unless, of course, you want a laugh.)

Streamlined RPG
A nicely written rulebook that never saw play. By Max, again.

Access them here!
Downloadable Version

Gods Willing
Written by me and Alessandro as a generic game.
Also never saw play, outside of one playtest session.
-pdf coming soon-

Noah's RPG
I wrote this hilariously bad game sometime in 6th or 7th grade. It was for my younger cousin.
Here it is, don't even think of playing it. bleh

More to Come