A list of Black Dawn Campaigns

    List of Campaigns and People who played them.
    PM me if you want an alias or nickname.

"Fantasy Craft" 
Fall 2011
Failed after a month or two. D6 written by me.
DM: Me
Players: Daniel, Benny, Dylan, Max, Maceo

Zombies I
Spring 2012
No rules .. I think? Didn't play in more than one/two sessions here, but I heard it was great.
DM: Max
Players: Alessandro, Peter, Benny, Dylan,

Three Plains
Spring / Summer 2012
We planned so much for this... an RPG, a wargame... never happened.

Zombies II
Fall 2012
It was pretty fun, excellent DMing.
DM: Alessandro
Players: Me, Daniel, Eric, Benny

Blue Grass
Winter 2012/13
Straight up 4e in a homebrewed world.
DM: Me
Players: Daniel, Alessandro, Eric, Benny, Maceo

Game of Thrones
Winter 2013
We were OP, but it was fun. Unique D12 system.
DM: Dan
Players: Me, Alessandro, Benny, Eric, Max

Wheel of Time (part I)
Spring/Summer 2013
No one got the backstory but there was gratuitous XP. Part I before summer break and ended in Falme, the port town.
DM: Me
Players: Daniel, Eric, Benny, Alessandro

Wheel of Time (part II)
Fall 2013
Continuation of our largest campaign and the peak of our party. Starts with Falme being ravaged, half the party has to reroll chars.
DM: Me
Players: Max, Daniel, Eric, Benny, Alessandro, Pico, Milo, Dylan

D&D 3.5
Winter 2014
Short-lived, wacky campaign right out of my demented imagination
DM: Me
Players: Daniel, Eric, Alessandro, David

Risus Heroes
Fall 2014 (Lunches)
Superhero insanity in a surreal military state.
DM: Me
Players: Alessandro, Zak, Aidan

Grimdark Pathfinder
Fall 2014 (10th pd)
Pathfinder with some more grimdarkness than the usual fantasy. Ended with max falling asleep during a game.
DM: Max
Players: Alessandro, Benny, Me, Conrad, Daniel, Adrian

Black Dawn Renegades
Winter 2015 (10th pd)
An epic campaign revolving around a team of space marine renegades. Max/Adrian not present for some of it.
DM: Me
Players: Adrian, Alessandro, Conrad, Benny, Daniel, Max

Rifts First Edition
Spring/Summer 2015 (10th pd)
After the fellowship was split by my school's administration, only two players could attend my games.
We decided to start a new campaign with the first edition RIFTS rules I had recently purchased off
amazon. So far its a westerns-fantasy fusion genre. Funky.
GM: Me
Players: Adrian, Alessandro 

Wild Talents
Spring/Summer 2015 (10th pd)
I became burned out from schoolwork and gave up GMing for the first time at the end of Rifts. We are now
playing a superhero campaign in the WT ruleset. I hope this campaign lasts a while.
GM: Adrian
Players: Me, Alessandro, Abab

Fall 2015 - Spring of 2016 (at my club)
I formed an official RPG club and we played AD&D for over half a year.
GM: Me
Players: Adrian, Alessadro, Max, Benny, David Macintosh, Cheng, Milo, Eric