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    Black Dawn Games

                            A fantasy gaming community since 2011.



Use the above link to share our website with other people, as our URL can
be long and unwieldy.

This is a website about tabletop RPG games. It's more for me than for anybody else,
as I use it like a fancy, portable bookmarks bar. It's little more than a bag of
links with some filler writing.


I met the people in my gaming group four years ago.
Our first homebrew rules, as well as my first RPG campaign, took place in December 2011, and from
then on, I was sold.

We've had a lot of adventures together. I made this website on 2/28/15 to create a living journal
of these adventures.


This website will serve as a place to collect stories from my games and
publish rules that my friends and I created. I use all of my friends real
first names but I'm sure they don't care.


I plan to write a few articles / essays in my leisure time.
Here are some of my ideas.

A review of the Minecraft server Lords of Minecraft
    I've been playing on Lords lately, and I have to
    write a review because the server is so incredibly
     fun. Plus, the guys on Lords are big D&D/RPers
     so that's cool too.

Antares Magazine Shilling
    I recently got a scifi story published in my school's
    sci/fantasy magazine, Antares, and was hoping
    to shill it a bit even though no one reads this
    website except me.

A new scifi RPG
    I actually already have the webpage up, but it's not
    linked because I haven't finished it yet.