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Pictured above are the LGC-01 Legacy and the NDK-1K No-Dachi.
As you can tell, I prefer the Legacy.

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Battletech Lore / History

House Liao - Cappellan Confederation: House Liao is mostly made up of
ethnic Chinese. Cappellan soldiers are known for having incredible
perseverance because their faction is constantly losing and
having it's shit kicked in.

House Kurita - Draconis Combine: Ethnically Japanese. Draconis is the
weeaboo samurai faction. Most of their 'mechs carry a sword and follow
some honorable warrior bullcrap.

House Davion - Federated Suns: Typical lolgoodguy faction with supreme
righteousness and justice. They have the largest and best military of all of
the Inner Sphere factions.

House Steiner - Lyran Commonwealth: The wealthiest faction with the
best trade and the most advantageous economic position. They eventually
ally with Davion, creating the powerful 'Fedcom'.

House Marik - Free Worlds League: They like the color purple.

The Clans - They come from outside the Inner Sphere (the houses), and are
descendants of an ancient Inner Sphere war hero. They have superior tech
and genetic-engineered soldiers.

Solaris 7 - A 'Game World' full of gladiator 'mechs. Some are sponsored by
the Great Houses.

Comstar - The interstellar communications network founded after the Star
League fell. It drifted towards a mystical nature until it was eventually
reformed into a secular organization. It also has its own army, the Com Guard.

Word of Blake - A fanatical religious military group that splintered off of Comstar. 
They worship Comstar's founder Jerome Blake and wear the traditional Comstar robes.
They eventually launch the Jihad against the other factions, and are largely destroyed
by the end.


Star League - Humanity forms a powerful and glorious interstellar empire that unifies
all of the planets and reaches a technological golden age. Think Roman empire.

Succession Wars - SL collapses due to a coup. The Star League army leaves the Inner
Sphere in the hopes of forging a new empire. Meanwhile, the Houses of the Inner
Sphere wage war for several centuries and lose most of the SL technology.

Clan Invasion - The Star League Defense Force that had left to forge a new empire
now returns as the Clans. They wage lightning war against the Houses, hoping to
reconquer the Inner Sphere for a new Star League.

Civil War - The "Federated Suns/Lyran Common Wealth" alliance crumbles and the
two decide not to talk it out like big boys.

Jihad - Pissed by Comstar's secular trend, Word of Blake musters a large army and
conquers Terra, beginning a long and bloody interstellar war.

Republic - Some dude makes an interstellar republic.

Dark Ages - Communications in said Republic suddenly fail and all of a sudden MOAR

New text boxBattletech Web Page

On this page, I'll write about the wargame Battletech. The game features
12-meter tall 'mechs clashing on battlefields across the galaxy. It shares
some of it's ideas with other space and scifi fiction, including Warhammer 
40k, Dune, etc, but is mostly an original story. It is especially unique in
that it takes a special focus on 'mech combat.


Battletech is played on a hex map (typically 17" by 22", or four pieces
of 8.5x11 copy paper) with 1" hexes. The game is forgiving in your
representation of a unit; the most common form is a painted metal mini,
but flat and standing paper counters exist as well. The only true
requirement is an indication of the unit's front face.

        Related Projects:
        I am in the process of designing several 3D models of popular 'mech
        units, so that one may easily 3D print their own miniatures. As another
        fun project, I build various 'mechs in Minecraft with functional weapons.

Battletech is a fun game for story-oriented campaigns, and, being a
wargame, can be played by just two players. In addition to the boardgame,
several other versions have been produced; Mechwarrior, a table RPG
set in the BT universe; Mechwarrior videogame adaptations, and in
particular, Mechwarrior Online, an MMO game; Battleforce, a large
scale wargame in which each unit represents an entire lance (4-5)
of 'mechs.

A venerable LGC-01 Legacy                An inferior weeaboo No-Dachi