Ruminations on the New Star Trek

blueprint example
Above, the brand new Star Trek Discovery prepares to launch from an asteroid dock.

Star Trek Discovery is the brand-new ST show from CBS, the first to air in a dozen years as well as the first to air on CBS's web-streaming service. It will premier in the grand year of 2017 (March, as far as I have been told by a friend).

It'll feature an all-new cast and apparently will be set some time in the new alternative dimension that the last three movies have been set in. While this may bug some, as long as the show retains the classic themes of diplomacy, exploration, and adventure that were began by TOS before my time in the 1960s, I will be personally happy.

As any fan will tell you, the look, design, and fictional mechanics of the ST ships are very important. Indeed, sites like Cygnus X1 stand at-the-ready, providing ship blueprints and specifications.

Fittingly, then, it has been the flagship of the new show that was revealed to us first. And quite a ride this will be. So let's get into the basics:


All the information here comes from the short video posted on Youtube and shown at Comic-con. It's a very informative segment by nature of the many shots and eyefulls we get of the ship.

The new ship's name is 'Discovery', fitting the name of the show.
The number / serial designation is NCC - 1031, as can  be seen on the dorsal and ventral sides of the saucer during the release and exit shots, respectively. Left is the dorsal image with contrast raised to show the numbers.