Welcome to Thanagon's home on the web!

The OLD site was hosted at blackdawngm.pancakeapps.com,
The NEW version is right here at thanagon.neocities.org

This is my brand new homepage. Like it? Send me an email.

I am a male American citizen, a fan of Role-playing games, science, and science fiction.

This website was born on 2/28/15, which makes it around two years old right now.
(As you might notice on the "museum" that is my first homepage, this site was originally solely for
role-playing games. It has since expanded to encompass all of my hobbies)

I am still in the process of updating links and switching fully to the Neocities host.
But hardly anyone saw the old Pancake-hosted website, so it shouldn't be  problem.

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Who are you?
This website is not about me, but rather about the things that I like. I go by the username "Thanagon" here, and it 's a good descriptor for personal reasons. My last name is NOT Thanagon.

Will you update x webpage?
Yes, email me if there are any changes you want to see.

Is there anything of worth on this webpsite?
I'll be honest. Most of this site is probably worthless to you. It's pretty obscure and I like to keep it to myself. The one advantage of
the pancakeapps host was that, for a while, the pages weren't even indexed by google. I guess Neocities was not the best bet, then, huh? That said, I have some fairly informational pages that you might enjoy looking at.